Bursary Application

Dieppe‘s High School Hockey Classic
Bursary Application:  General Information

The application form for the scholarships/bursaries that are given out during the tournament follows below.  If after reading through this information, you feel that you have a worthy candidate then please complete the information as requested.

This year, four to six $500 bursaries will be awarded (1 or 2  Male & 1 or 2 Female from League Teams + 1 Male and 1 Female from outside). These bursaries are based on academic merit (40% and must have minimum average of 75), involvement in activities/sports outside of hockey (40%) and of course hockey skill (20%).  The player’s on-ice performance during the tournament together with the information that you as coach/manager provide us are what we will use to base our decisions upon when we award the bursaries.    It is therefore incumbent upon you as coach or manager to provide us with as much information as possible.

These bursaries are intended solely for graduating high school hockey players intending to pursue post secondary education within the next two calendar years.  Grade 11 players are not eligible.

This completed form must be returned before November 1st. No candidate will be considered unless we receive an official transcript of marks issued by the school.  It should include marks from the student’s previous years (grade eleven) in school.  Please mail a copy to me (see my address below) or send a transcript by PDF or scanned image and send by e-mail (two options).

A team may submit the names of two (or on very rare occasions, three) candidates if they have more than one who they feel are equally qualified.  No team will be awarded more than one bursary.

Applications may be submitted in either French or English.  Transcripts issued by establishments using a language other than those two should be accompanied by a translation into either English or French.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at the number/address below.

Dave Melanson
Tournament Chairman
Cell : 506-875-1408
Email : [email protected]

43 Danny Street
Dieppe, NB
E1A 0H6